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Yellow Moroccan Ochre


Yellow Moroccan Ochre


Product Information

Luminous, transparent gold-ochre. Pure earth pigment from central Morocco.

For thousands of years pigments have been made from raw materials such as minerals and earths. Ochre (from the Greek word „okhrós“, meaning pale or pale yellow) is a natural earth pigment that has been used since primeval times. Prehistoric people used yellow and red ochres for their cave paintings along with black from burnt wood or bones and white chalk. From these early times up until today ochres have been used in painting, both due to their low price and positive properties. Just like other earth pigments ochers are natural mixtures. Yellow ochre contains hydrated iron oxide, mostly goethite, but also limonite and jarosite. It may also contain calcium carbonate, calcium- or barium sulfate, manganese oxide, quartz or clay minerals. This specific natural mixture determines both the color and the other characteristics of an ochre. Moroccan ochre originates from Midelt, central Morocco, and contains a high amount of iron oxide and has been used for Tadelakt for quite some time. It is available in yellow, red, and maroon-colored hues. This yellow ochre shows a brilliant transparent gold hue.


Technical Data

  • Chemical description: Pigment Yellow 43, C.I. 77492
  • Lightfastness - thinned: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness - medium: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness - concentrated: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • ColorIndex: PY 43.77492
  • Suitability: Acrylics, Cement / Tadelakt, Lime / Fresco, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache
  • Colors: Yellow
  • Forms: powder
  • Solubility in water: insoluble



Download (material safety data sheet (MSDS)

Yellow Moroccan Ochre

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