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Set: Pigment Assortment Green


Set: Pigment Assortment Green

27 pigments in 30 ml glasses, in a wooden box


Product Information

The green is a color of opposites. In many cultures, the color green stands for life, growth and also hope. Shade names such as "May green" or "apple green" attest to positive associations with the color. Our new range of green pigments includes a wide selection of green colors. The range is led by the oldest green pigments in the history of painting, the natural copper mineral malachite and Egyptian green. Natural green earths have always been important colorants in art. Stone powders, fuchsite mica, genuine jade and the beautiful gemstone epidote complement this selection of natural mineral pigments. New developments in the 18th and 19th centuries greatly expanded the painters palette. Among the very modern pigments of the 20th century is, for example, phthalic green. Two mixtures complete the assortment: cadmium green and permanent green.


Content: 27 pigments in 30 ml glasses, in a wooden box




Set: Pigment Assortment Green

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