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Cuni Retarder / 緩乾劑 100 ml jar

Cuni Retarder / 緩乾劑 100 ml jar


緩乾劑可以讓作圖時間增長, 增加作畫的彈性度, 並提供高流動性與透明度的色彩. 


Cuni Retarder 的功能與使用方式:

1. 延緩 Cuni 蠟彩乾燥時間, 允許作一些特殊效果. 

2. 薄塗創作時, 若加入 Cuni Retarder, 不加水的狀況下, 可使 Cuni 顏料更流暢, 同時增加色彩的透明度!


Mixed with Cuní colours, it increases their open time and the final drying time. It provides more fluid and transparent colours. Useful for blending and shading, for giving continuity to monochrome areas and for wet-in-wet techniques.

It does not alter the durability of the paint film. Colours remain wet on the palette for prolonged periods.

Cuni Retarder / 緩乾劑 100 ml jar

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