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Côte d'Azur Violet

Côte d'Azur Violet

light caput mortuum


Product Information

Light purple slate powder. From Mels, Switzerland. Contains iron / manganese.

Côte d´Azur Violet is a light violet slate powder from Mels, Switzerland. Its color is a result of the iron and manganese it contains. This violet is found in Italian painting and also north of the Alps: In the 18th century, the two architects and decorators Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin Asam used it in churches to paint the cloaks of angels and saints. Although the original source of this pigment has not been determined yet, indistinguishable qualities of this pigment occur in different regions. The first discovery from Kremer Pigmente of slate violet was at the Côte d´Azur in Southern France (hence the pigment’s name), the current supply, however, is from an area between Chur and Zurich, Switzerland. Together with the slate green and grey from the same origin, the color trio produces a special mineral harmony. Their uniqueness results from a combination of glimmer and titanium, which produces pigments of higher covering power than other earth pigments.


Technical Data

  • Chemical description: Melser slate violet is a natural product. Fe2O3, natural slate, light caput mortuum.
  • Lightfastness - thinned: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness - medium: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • Lightfastness - concentrated: 8 (1 is bad, 8 is best)
  • Suitability: Acrylics, Cement / Tadelakt, Lime / Fresco, Oil, Silicate binder, Waterglass, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache
  • Colors: Gray, Violet
  • Forms: powder
  • Solubility in water: insoluble


Safety Data Sheet


Côte d'Azur Violet

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