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義大利Borciani & Bonazzi 筆刷 850 系列

UNICO INFINITO round quill brush, HIDRO® fiber, black resin handle with hi-tech anti-slip texture.


Extraordinary softness and absorption of the HIDRO® fiber, slow and smooth water release.
The tip follows the changing pressure of the brush stroke, while maintaining wide color autonomy.
Suitable for diluted and thin colours, such as watercolor.

The black resin handle with a hi-tech anti-slip texture:

  • Designed to favour the brush grip by reducing tensions in the hand joints.
  • It has an ergonomic and Anti-rolling system.
  • Round technical tip.


NO.4/ NO.6/ No.8/ No.10

Made in ITALY.

義大利Borciani & Bonazzi 筆刷 850 系列

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