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義大利Tintoretto 1326系列-Red+Gold/ 紅配金色


Pocket brushes are expressly formulated for watercolor painters always searching for landscapes foreshortening needing helpful tools, for every sudden brainstorm, For this line, we selected the finest and most suitable hair for watercolor techniques, available in Kolinsky sable natural hair, Bronze or Gold synthetic fibres, for those precision painting methods in which the retention and return of the thin tip is required. There’s also a Kazan squirrel synthetic fibres version, perfect for painting large well-diluted watercolor areas, in which it’s essential to have a very high color retention capability with a sustained and homogeneous release. The reversible metallic protection cap acts also as a brush handle.


Round brush, Kolinsky sable hair. Golden plated brass ferrule. Metallic cap-handle.


Made in ITALY.

義大利Tintoretto 1326系列-Red+Gold/ 紅配金色

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