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義大利Tintoretto 1338系列

Traditional pocket brushes

Series 1330 and 1337 represent the best watercolour pocket brushes choice. Aesthetically elegant and original, these precious tools combine traditional qualities to innovative ones: the head, made with natural squirrel hair in series 1330 and squirrel synthetic fiber in 1337, is firmly secured to the tumbled handle thanks to a special bi component glue and the ferrule, which is made out of plastic material and bound with golden wire. This grants not only a high stability but also and most importantly a great water resistance.

Since they’re pocket brushes, the cap itself works as the handle, and it’s available in matte golden colour for series 1330 and matte black colour for series 1337.

Both series can be inserted inside of our pocket cases either in wood (series 555V), in faux-leather big or small cases (4326V or 2326V), and in the cherry wooden palette (series 111V).

The 1338 series was born from the need to have a pocket brush with a sharp tip and excellent colour retention, the already renowned qualities of the 1408 series that stand out in this product now in reversible form: using the best synthetic Kazan squirrel imitation fibres, it guarantees impeccable quality for any watercolour technique. Given the remarkable flexibility and conicity of the fibres that characterise this synthetic yarn, the brush follows the movement of the hand smoothly, allowing you to work nimbly with accurate precision, especially when creating long, fine lines such as branches and hair.



Long round brush, Kazan squirrel synthetic fiber. Plastic ferrule. Black metallic cap-handle.


Made in ITALY.

義大利Tintoretto 1338系列

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