Encaustic Cuni with BeeWax

Encaustic Cuni 蠟彩 - 特性簡介 




Optical Qualities

高耐光性, 不易因長期紫外線照射而造成色彩上的氧化或退色. 色彩具有高品質的彩度與明亮度.


Colours offer high strength and depth due to the outstanding optical qualities of the beeswax. The lack of oxidation in wax allows colours to maintain their chromatic characteristics over time.


溶劑: 水/Water

完全不需要再接觸有揮發性的松節油, 也不需要再添加亞麻仁油, 只需與水混合即可, 使用方式類似水彩與壓克力. 若添加Cuni 專屬調合劑, 即可輕易創造出透明度, 並同時保有厚度. 


Cuni colours are thinned with water. The paint comes out of the tube thick and at fullcolor strength but can be thinned all the way to the consistency of water colors. The exceptional water solubility of the paint allows easy handling and cleaning, providing intense diluted brushstrokes and clean tones.



通過美國材料與試驗協會美術顏料慢性毒物標準檢測,取得ASTM-­‐D4236 (2011), Cuni Encaustic 的介質與溶劑(水)皆完全無毒性, 顏料本身不含重金屬.


The paint medium is composed of nontoxic products, accepted in cosmetics and food. No hazardous solvents are required.


Fast Drying

乾燥快速, 乾燥時間較壓克力顏料緩慢一些, 另可添加Cuni緩乾劑延緩乾燥時間, 做重複性多層次的塗改與特殊效果. 乾燥時間將猶如油畫顏料般的彈性. 

The drying of Cuní paints occurs in two different stages. In the first stage the paint dries rapidly without skin formation as their water content evaporates, making the paint film touch-dry. After this first drying, the paint layer can be reopened by rubbing it with a wet brush or pouring or spraying water and mixing it with a palette knife. During the second stage of drying occurs the paint curing due to internal reactions between its components. This is a long process that will take several weeks for thin films and even years for thick paint films. Once the paint is cured, it is no longer reworkable.


Heat Setting

具有特殊的耐洗刷特性, 尤其在厚塗層的畫作上效果更佳. 藉由空氣槍或是吹風機的熱能使其快速乾燥. 待完全乾燥後, 即呈現完全防水的狀態, 非常適合用於戶外.  

Uncured paint has limited wet scrub resistance, especially in thick impastos. This resistance increases when heat is applied to dry paint. Heat can be applied with an air gun or a hair dryer, taking care not to leave the heat source too close to the work, in order to avoid color melting. When painting on lower layers is required, heat can be applied to the underpainting to increase its scrub resistance. This application can also be done on fresh paint, without having to wait until complete water evaporation. Underpainting wet scrub resistance also increases when brushed with a soft brush.



強韌性高, 可輕易的創造出絕佳的層次感與視覺效果. 其立體性極佳, 比市面上一般油畫顏料效果更好, 非常適合厚塗手法.


It is possible to create thick impastos without noticeable change in shape or volume during drying. The paint surface faithfully maintains the trace of the stroke.


Glaze& Foam
罩染 & 皂化

可大量以水稀釋, 創造出透明感, 但卻又同時保留筆觸. 稀釋後的顏色依能保持彩度與純淨.

絕佳的罩染與皂化效果, 創造出更豐富多變的藝術效果.


Paint can be diluted with larger amounts of water to obtain brush strokes that are very transparent but with great intensity and body. Clean tones are achievable, comparable only to watercolor.

Despite its content of emulsifiers, paint does not contain anti-foaming agents, allowing the occurrence of suggestive crater formations characteristic of ancient encaustics. Such formations occur when the paint is applied in quick and energetic strokes and are part of the ample repertoire of visual effects open to water-soluble encaustic.



應用範圍廣,可用於牆面,木板,畫布,紙,瓷,金屬,玻璃等等. Cuni Encaustic 使用上為水溶性的蠟畫顏料, 但經由乾燥過程中的神奇化學反應, 使得完全乾燥後, 轉變為不溶水的狀態. 


Wall, board, canvas, and paper. Can also be applied on other materials such as ceramic, metal, plastic or glass.



耐久性非常佳, 允許保存數個世紀. 這可說是所有顏料中一項無法被取代的優點喲. 

Water-soluble encaustic paint demonstrates high durability, as evidenced by the state of conservation of Roman artworks painted with this technique, as well as by paintings completed by José Cuní more than fifty years ago.



可輕易與其他不同性質的顏料相混合, 如油畫顏料, 壓克力顏料, 水彩等等, 以製造出更多創新於不同以往的效果與質感!

Cuní colours can be blended with acrylic, oil (both conventional and water-mixable), watercolour, casein and egg, glue and gum tempera colours and media. They can be applied on paintings done in any of these materials. In some cases when the water soluble encaustic stroke applied is very diluted, it can slip on the other material, thus requiring the application of a higher viscosity layer. Acrylics, oils, egg temperas and caseins can be applied on water soluble encaustic paintings.