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義大利Tintoretto TD01系列


"Since when I started practicing watercolour, more than 40 years ago, I’ve been able to test and work with many brushes, of all shapes and fibres. However, it’s been some years, with my daily practice of this technique, that I started dreaming of having the perfect tools ideal for my realist and precise style. Tintoretto has offered me this opportunity. After many tests and prototypes, we succeeded in developing these 4 great watercolour brushes.The handles’ weight is increased respecting to the usual brushes on the market, this is done so that the hand can hold a firmer grip in order to facilitate and enable a better flow. The colour, ultramarine Blue, is always present in my watercolours and, together with matt golden ferrules, make these brushes objects of excellent quality and elegance.”


Cambered round brush, Extra bristle. Brass ferrule laquered in matt golden colour. Short wooden handle, blue varnished.


“This kind of brush, which I call the “retreats brush”, is made with Extra bristles’ extremely hard fibres which allow to make, through light frictions on the paper, colour retreats either in dry or wet on wet techniques. This brush is perfect to recover paper’s whites and to create, for instance, halos, soft shades and light spots. “



Made in ITALY.

義大利Tintoretto TD01系列

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