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Strathmore Coal Black Cards 黑色無酸畫紙卡(含信封)

Strathmore Coal Black Cards 黑色無酸畫紙卡(含信封)

5" x 6.875" Coal Black Cards and Envelopes

$50/ 一組 ( 卡片+信封, 各一)


Cards: 60 lb. (20" x 26" x 500 sheets) 160 g/m2 
Envelopes: 80 lb. (25" x 38" x 500 sheets) 118 g/m2
Surface: Medium

Made from 400 Series Strathmore Artagain® Coal Black paper, these cards are ideally suited for soft pastels, charcoal, chalk, colored pencils, and white or opaque gel pens. Full size cards are 5" x 6.875" and come in packages of 10. Coordinating envelopes are included, and measure 5.25" x 7.25". Strathmore Artagain® paper is a fiber-enhanced sheet, which contains 30% post-consumer fiber. Acid free.


cover artwork by: CINDY NORTON WILLIAMS

Made in the U.S.A

Strathmore Coal Black Cards 黑色無酸畫紙卡(含信封)

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