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Madder Lake I - rosé dark


Madder Lake I - rosé dark


Product Information

Madder lake is one of the oldest known pigments and was already used more than 3,000 years ago. It is traditionally made from the root of the madder plant Rubia tinctoria. For this purpose the madder roots are dried and ground. Afterwards the dyes are precipitated with salts. Lakes vary in shades of orange, violet, brown, pink and dark red, depending on which coloring components are fixed. In contrast to most other vegetable dyes, madder lake was highly valued not only by dyers but also by painters. Compared to other natural lakes, the light fastness of madder lake is relatively good, since the alizarin it contains is quite stable. Other dye components, such as pseudopurpurin, are less resistant. Madder lake is a typical glaze pigment and can be used in oil and water colors.


Technical Data

  • ColorIndex: NR 9.75330, 75420
  • Opacity: transparent
  • Suitability: Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, Violin Varnish /Wooden Surfaces, Watercolor / Gouache
  • Colors: Pale Pink


Madder Lake I - rosé dark

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