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義大利Tintoretto 853 筆刷系列

Series 853

The incessant evolution of painting techniques in the world of art has pushed many masters of a part of the watercolor sector in search of the utmost precision in the details, of pictorial rendering towards realism and hyperrealism. Color is used less and less diluted, almost creamy. This has spurred an evolution in the tools we produce. The new 853 series of the Feltracco Acquamarina line, in highly elastic fibers, with a very elongated body and a thin and perfect tip, allows the use of semi-creamy watercolors with maximum control over the clean and precise brushstroke. The body of the tip allows a high color charge between the fibers. A modern tool that projects the watercolorist towards a new world.


Long round brush, Plum synthetic. Nickel plated brass ferrule. Short wooden aquamarine handle, tumbled painted, waterproof.


Made in ITALY.

義大利Tintoretto 853 筆刷系列

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