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Ecosolvent Tintorsetto 環保無毒無味無揮發物溶劑/稀釋劑 (低過敏性)

Ecosolvent Tintorsetto

環保無毒無味無揮發物溶劑/稀釋劑 (低過敏性)

植物性產品! 友善環境與人體無害.

當作油畫的溶劑/稀釋劑, 也可以當清洗畫筆之溶劑


Ecosolvent Tintoretto!Tintoretto 開創植物性商品革命!

希望不久的將來! Tintoretto 所有產品可以達到0動物實驗0動物成分!

目前已經有了新的突破! 使用油彩的藝術家們, 不需要再使用有揮發性, 味道又難聞的松節油了!

Tintoretto 研發出"植物性"環保無毒無味無揮發物溶劑/稀釋劑(低過敏性),

不需由石油系提煉! 100%安全無揮發性!

對環境與人體都無毒害! 100%義大利製造! 

希望藝術家們都能開心創作! 健康無虞!

讓我們一起環境友善! 動物友善!


Ecosolvent Tintorsetto. Revolutionary vegetable product, both usable as a THINNER for oil colors, as well as a SOLVENT for brushes cleaning. Of new generation, it meets the current safety and environmental protection requirements. Exceptional in its main features: NOT NOXIOUS for man and nature, NOT VOLATILE, ODOURLESS and for the present time turned out to be HYPOALLERGENIC. Made in Italy.




雖味道減輕不少甚至無謂, 常令人輕忽,

但依舊為揮發性, 建議一定要在通風良好處使用, 否則容易引起呼吸道過敏與疾病, 

另外, 它也是易燃物! 若要旅行請勿帶上飛機喔.



Ecosolvent Tintorsetto. Available sizes: 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000 – 5000 ml.


Made in ITALY.

Ecosolvent Tintorsetto 環保無毒無味無揮發物溶劑/稀釋劑 (低過敏性)

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